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5 Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

By May 4, 2012September 1st, 20184 Comments

Teacher appreciation week is next week, and it’s not too early to start thinking about how to thank your teachers as the school year draws to a close. For both occasions, here are 5 simple kid-friendly gift ideas to say thank you to all those teachers who make a difference.

All stamping crafts are fun,  but we particularly love this adorable apple stamping craft from Meet the Dubiens! It’s really simple, yet beautiful. You could make it on scrap paper and use homemade paint to make it more earth-friendly. Framed or not, this is a great gift alternative to a real apple!

We might make one of these colorful tea wreaths for ourselves! This colorful gift will remind teachers how special they are every time they pluck a tea bag from the wreath. To make, cut a circle out of a paper plate and decorate it with paints, markers, fabric, or scrap paper. Take wooden clothespins (you can decorate these, too!) and use them to clip tea bags of different colors around the paper plate until the wreath is full. Punch a hole in the top and thread a ribbon through the hole for hanger. What a great open-ended craft!

We fell in love with these chalkboard painted pots.  Not only are chalkboard painted pots easy to make, but your kids will love making them for their favorite teacher. Plus, the teacher will be thrilled it’s not an another apple! This is one of those great gifts that keep on giving and will be sure to put a smile on the teacher’s face whenever she uses it. You can find detailed instructions over at One Hundred Dollars a Month.

These functional containers Digi Girl Crafts  made are cute and made of recyclables. You could make these out of just about anything –  old coffee cans or soup cans, even toilet paper rolls. Just wrap with scrap paper and put on stickers and ribbons for some pretty creations. We like crafts that serve a purpose and can be used more than once. Plus, this is one of those great open-ended crafts that kids can take anywhere with their imaginations.

Make colorful origami flowers out of scrap paper and display them in a vase.  See the how-to at Liberated Working Moms. There is a tutorial there on how to fold the flowers. Or, if you really don’t have the time to craft a present for the teacher, simply buy some real flowers!

How are your children thanking their teachers? Share your ideas in the comments!



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