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Apple Stamping Art for Kids

Apple stamping art activity for kids. Kids can make their own fall art with apples and paint!

 Apple stamping art activity for kids. Kids can make their own fall art with apples and paint!

Apple Stamping Art for Kids

Our apple tasting activity from last week was so much fun that I’m keeping with the apple theme to bring you an apple painting craft for kids. This is a simple craft requiring few supplies but makes for a fun fall welcoming activity!

School is right around the corner and I love to decorate our homeschool classroom with red and green apples. We’ve been busy preparing for the colder months even though the weather if very summer like here in California. Yesterday we painted paper plates to make our own apple shaker musical instruments and today I have a chili recipe I found on Pinterest simmering in the crockpot. Can you tell I’m over summer?

Supplies needed for Apple Stamping:

  • Apples
  • Red Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Plain Paper or Colored Construction Paper (green, yellow, red)
  • Printable Apple Template (optional)


We used an apple template printed on red and green construction paper for this craft, but you can just use regular paper without the printed template if it’s easier for your family. I’m including directions for stamping with the template on the paper.
apple stamping

apple stamping

How to make Stamped Apple Art

  1. Print out the optional template on the back of your paper.
  2. Cut apples to prepare for stamping. Cutting across the middle of the apple horizontally will reveal the star inside the apple, and cutting vertically makes traditional apple looking stamp prints on the paper.
  3. Pour red and green paint on separate flat-bottomed paint trays or plates.
  4. Press the cut side of the apple into the paint and stamp on the paper making sure the template is on the under part of the paper. Kids can stamp all over the paper not worrying about whether or not they’re in the lines of the template.
  5. Set the paper aside and let the paint dry.
  6. Turn the paper template side up and use scissors to cut around the apple shape. Add a green leaf made of paper.
  7. Hang the paper apple in your classroom or home for a fun fall decoration!

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