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Exploring the science of static electricity.

Exploring Static Electricity Science

Exploring Static Electricity Science Recycled Box Project Electricity takes many forms and science experiments are a great way to explore how electricity works. Today we’re learning about static electricity using our empty Green Kid Crafts box. Have you ever felt a jolt or shock when touching someone or something? That’s the force of static electricity! […]

Light up firefly craft and science experiment. #fireflycrafts #electricityexperiments

Exploring Electricity with a Light Up Firefly Craft

Exploring Electricity with a Light Up Firefly Craft Summer is a great time for new craft and science projects isn’t it? Today we’re combining our love for insects with a fun electricity science experiment. We’re excited to roll out our new Electricity Science Discovery Box to our subscribers, and are doing some experiments on our […]

Electricity experiment for kids. S.T.E.A.M. project making an electrical circuit. #electricityscience #sciencefairproject

Make an Electric Circuit with a Graphite Pencil

Make an Electric Circuit with a Graphite Pencil We’re learning all about electricity science today at Green Kid Crafts. Did you know you can make a circuit of electricity using a graphite drawing pencil? This might be one of the coolest science activities we’ve shared because the possibilities are endless! You can draw anything from […]

Physics experiment for for kids. Race pebbles down varying inclines in this fun game!

Physics for Kids Pebble Racing Game

Physics Game for Kids Physics is the study of matter and energy, and how they interact together. Today we’re turning our empty Green Kid Crafts box into a fun physics game where kids will race pebbles and other objects down ramps of varying inclines. Which objects roll through the ramp quickly and which go slowly? […]

Make a playground for bugs from a cardboard box! #naturecrafts #insectcrafts

Build a Bug Playground from a Box

Build a Bug Playground from a Box Do your kids love hunting for bugs during sunny days? Give the bugs their very own playground made from a cardboard box! We’ve transformed an empty Green Kid Crafts box into a colorful place for bugs to play. Supplies Empty Green Kid Crafts Box (or a shoebox) Construction […]

10 Fun summer activities for kids.

10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids Summer weather is here in San Diego even though there is still more than a month of spring left on the calendar. Whether you’re basking in sunshine or dreaming of warmer days, these 10 fun summer activities for kids will get you ready for summer break. Painting with Nature […]

Build a simple circuit to light up a constellation shadow box! Cool science projects for kids.

Simple Circuit Constellation Shadowbox Project for Kids

Simple Circuit Constellation Shadowbox Project for Kids Today we’re reusing our Green Kid Crafts cardboard box to make a simple circuit constellation shadow box. If you don’t have an empty Green Kid Crafts box you can use a shoe box. Supplies 1 Empty Green Kid Crafts box Black paint Simple circuit supplies (see THIS POST […]

Dissect a flower for a specimen box display. Kids science experiment. #stem #botany #scienceprojects

Dissecting a Flower Project for Kids

Flower Dissecting Project for Kids How exactly does pollination occur? We know that bees play an important part in the cross pollination of flowers, but there is so much more to learn! Today we’re reusing our empty Green Kid Crafts box and learning about the structure of a flower. We often think of dissection as […]

Learn about landfills with this simple science project. Trash and landfill science. #earthday #earthdayscience #earthdayactivity

Earth Day Science: Where Does Our Trash Go?

Earth Day Science: Where Does Our Trash Go? Have you every really thought about what happens to our trash after the garbage truck hauls it to the dump? What exactly is a landfill and how does it get rid of all the trash we make in our community? Many garbage dumps also have a place […]

Upcycle a cardboard box into a birdhouse with this easy craft for kids. Nature crafts and bird crafts for kids. #birdcrafts #naturecrafts

How to Make a Birdhouse from a Box

How to make a Birdhouse from a Box Teach kids to give back to nature with this upcycled cardboard box birdhouse craft.We’re reusing our Green Kid Crafts box today and turning it into a home for birds! Supplies 1 Empty Green Kid Crafts box Painter’s tape A sharp knife or scissors Bird’s nesting supplies such […]

Build a jelly bean structure for a marshmally bunny. A fun Easter STEM activity.

Building a Jelly Bean Structure for a Bunny

Building a Jelly Bean Structure for a Bunny Easter STEM Project Save some jelly beans from those Easter baskets and build a home for a marshmallow bunny! We’re gathering our supplies for a fun Easter STEM activity today that includes bright colors and yummy food. Supplies Large Jelly Beans Toothpicks Marshmallow Bunny Jelly Bean Structures […]

Build a leprechaun trap STEM challenge for kids. #STEM #STEAM #stpatricksday

Build a Leprechaun Trap S.T.E.A.M. Challenge

Build a Leprechaun Trap S.T.E.A.M. Challenge Leprechaun traps are a fun way to get kids involved in a S.T.E.A.M. project. These traps can be made as part of a class project or during at home learning. S.T.E.A.M. activities in this project include: Science: Take it outdoors! Find natural objects to add to your leprechaun trap […]

Make a fairy garden from a small box for small world play. #fairygarden #smallworldplay

Reuse a Green Kid Crafts Box: Fairy Garden Small World Play

Small world play is creating a miniature life-scene for younger children to learn through play while using their imagination. Fairy gardens, dinosaur gardens, miniature farms, and sensory bins are all fun ways to start your child with small world play. Today I’m showing you how to make an easy fairy garden from a cardboard box. […]

Make a a nature tray for kids out of an up-cycled box. Go on a scavenger hunt with kids using your Green Kid Crafts box!

Reuse a Green Kid Crafts Box: Nature Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a great idea for getting the most out of your monthly Discovery Box from Green Kid Crafts! We’re up-cycling our cardboard box into a nature tray for a scavenger hunt. When I was a kid I used to do this activity with a shoe box, so if you don’t have a Green Kid Crafts […]

Grow heart-shaped crystals for Valentine's day! Heart science, valentine science for kids.

Valentine’s Day Crystal Growing Heart Science

Crystal Growing Heart Science Love is in the air here at Green Kid Crafts! Actually, it’s in jars, growing beautiful crystals in the shape of hearts. Just like our previous crystal growing science projects, you’ll find this heart science experiment to be a big hit with kids. If you haven’t checked out our crystal growing […]

Easy heart shaped hand pies for Valentine's Day! Sweeten up your day with these cherry hand pies. #valentinesday #recipes

Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Hand Pie Recipe

Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Hand Pie Recipe Add a little love to someone’s day with these cute heart shaped hand pies. Filled with cherry and topped with sugar crystals, these pastries are sure to sweeten up your day! Ingredients 1 Can of cherry pie filling 1 Pre-made pie crust (makes 4-6 hand pies depending on […]

Gather nuts and bolts for the youngest of engineers to tinker with at home!

Nuts and Bolts Toddler Engineering Activity

Our subscribers with kids ages 5-10 received our newest Discovery Box this month with the theme of Engineering. This fun nuts and bolts activity is a great way to get younger siblings in on the action! If you haven’t heard the great news, we’ve expanded our box subscriptions to include boxes for kids ages 2-4. […]

Teach kids to help their environment in the new year with this fun goal planning printable for kids. Kids will pledge to help the earth, set their own goals for the new year, and be given tasks to complete as the year goes on such as planting a seed. #printablesforkids #kidsprintables

Printable New Year Goal Sheet-Eco-Friendly Goals for Kids

What’s Inside a Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box? Between 4-8 STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) kits for kids ages 2-10 12-page STEAM magazine featuring hands-on activities, parent resources, puzzles and more Quality eco-friendly materials made in the U.S.A. and step-by-step instructions Literary upgrade includes an educator approved book to complement each box Discovery […]

Christmas science activity dancing gumdrops. Candy science for kids. #christmasscience

Dancing Gumdrops Science Activity

Dancing Gumdrops Science Activity When we think of dancing at Christmas it’s usually sugarplums that come to mind. Instead of visions of sugarplums we’re watching dancing gumdrops in this fun gumdrops science activity. If you’ve read our dancing corn post you know this activity is really easy to set up and kids love the reaction […]

Endangered animal educational activity. Make these animal handprints to teach kids about the animals on the endsgered species list.

Endangered Animal Handprint Crafts

Endangered Animal Handprint Craft Learning about the animals on our earth that are endangered or threatened is important for showing kids how our actions can cause environmental changes in animal environments. The endangered species list has over 15,000 animals on it meaning they are in danger of going extinct. The list includes animals like the […]

Christmas slime recipe for kids. Make a fun glitter slime for the holidays! #christmasscience

Glitter Christmas Slime Recipe

Christmas Glitter Slime Recipe We’re mixing up some festive Christmas slime full of glitter! Slime makes a great sensory play tool for kids of all ages plus they love mixing the ingredients together. The ingredients for slime start off as appearing as liquid but once the chemicals in the glue react to those in the […]

Upcycle paper towel rolls into pretty snowflake ornaments. #paperrollcrafts

Upcycled Paper Roll Snowflakes

Upcycled Paper Roll Snowflakes What do you do when the kids are in a creative mood during the holidays, but you don’t have a craft planned? You can make these great snowflakes out of toilet paper and paper towels rolls. If you have a craft box of goodies, you will probably have the other supplies […]

Grow your own crystals at home with this cool winter science project for kids. Crystals in the shape of snowflakes can hang in a window or from your tree!

Winter Science at Home Snowflake Crystal Growing

Winter Science at Home Snowflake Crystal Growing Brrrr! Are you feeling colder as we head into winter? We’re staying warm indoors doing winter science at home. Today I’m sharing a cool crystal growing project and guess what? The crystals are in the shape of snowflakes! You can hang these gorgeous snowflakes on your Christmas tree […]

Make a windpipe from straws with this music crafts for kids.

Straw Windpipe Music Craft for Kids

Straw Windpipe Music Craft for Kids Today we’re making music with a straw windpipe craft that kids can make themselves. This fun little instrument takes very few supplies and can be put together in just a few minutes. Pair it with our diy rainstick for even more noisy fun! Creating music whether with a straw, […]