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DIY slime monsters activity for kids. A fun twist on making slime at home. Silly monsters craft for kids.

Slime Monsters Activity for Kids

DIY Slime Recipe for Kids Slime is all the rage right now and we decided to have fun with it by making slime monsters! Both kids and adults are making slime at home for play and to reduce feelings of stress and you can, too, with this fun twist on this popular learning activity. Let your pint-sized […]

How to make homemade butter with kids.

How to make Homemade Butter with Kids

Making Homemade Butter with Kids For many children, the idea that butter comes from somewhere other than just the local grocery store is probably a surprising one. That is why making butter with kids is sure to fascinate and intrigue! Before you make homemade butter with kids, take some time to discuss what butter is made of, and the […]

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Educational Fun and Learning! Holiday Giveaway

We are so excited to share this fun giveaway with our fans and friends. We are kicking off the holiday season by giving away THREE 12-month subscriptions worth over $220 each! The winners will receive a different Discovery Box each month, which will be jam-packed with between 5-8 activity kits designed to foster a child’s creativity and confidence. Each month brings […]