LEGO STEM for kids. Build a balloon powered boat in this building project for kids.

LEGO STEM Build a Balloon Powered Boat

Here’s another fun summer STEM project that gets kids excited to go outside. But first, start inside with that big pile of LEGOs you’re always stepping over! Today we’re showing you how to build a balloon powered boat from LEGOs. There’s no right or wrong way to build this boat so try different designs and experiment with which boat travels on the water powered by it’s balloon.




balloon boat

How to make a Balloon Powered Boat

  1. Begin by building what will be the base of the boat. The base works well if it’s a flat thin LEGO, but experiment with different bases because there’s no one way to do this project!
  2. Next build up on your boat. Should the boat have sides to keep the water out? If it has a low front will the water flow right over the boat causing it to sink when you release the air from the balloon?
  3. Lastly, add the balloon to the back of the boat. You can do this by securing it between a gap in the LEGOs. If the balloon falls off the boat when you release the air try securing part of the balloon with a clothespin or clip.

balloon boat

balloon boat

balloon boat

Did your balloon travel on water? Try experimenting with the amount of air you put in the balloon, and the size and shapes of your balloon boats.

balloon boat

balloon boat

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