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Easy heart shaped hand pies for Valentine's Day! Sweeten up your day with these cherry hand pies. #valentinesday #recipes

Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Hand Pie Recipe

Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Hand Pie Recipe Add a little love to someone’s day with these cute heart shaped hand pies. Filled with cherry and topped with sugar crystals, these pastries are sure to sweeten up your day! Ingredients 1 Can of cherry pie filling 1 Pre-made pie crust (makes 4-6 hand pies depending on […]

Make this colorful salad as a healthy treat for kids. Kids can help prepare this simple salad!

Colorful Salad Recipe that Kids will Love!

Colorful Salad Recipe that Kids will LOVE! If you’re struggling to get your child to eat healthy some experts say to let them help you in the kitchen. Kids like to try recipes they’ve created or helped to prepare so maybe you can get them to try some new foods. Today I’m sharing a salad […]

Learn why apples turn brown when they're cut and how to keep the apple slices from browning. Great kitchen science experiment for kids.

Why Do Apple Slices Turn Brown? Kitchen Science Experiment

Kitchen Science Why Do Apples Turn Brown? Have you ever wondered why apples turn brown when exposed to air? If you slice an apple and pack it for lunch you’ll find apple slices that have turned a light shade of brown when you open your lunch bag. Let’s look at why apples turn brown for […]

Mad scientist cake pop recipe to go along with a mad science themed party. Eyeball cake pops.

Eyeball Cake Pop Recipe for your next Science Party

Eyeball Cake Pop Recipe Science themed parties are really popular for grade-school kids and a yummy treat like these mad scientist eyeball cake pops are sure to be a hit! While there may be a long list of steps for making these science themed party favors, they really are easy to make in an hour […]

Animal pretzel pops recipe kids can make themselves. Get kids in the kitchen with these cute endangered animal themed snacks from Green Kid Crafts.

Endangered Animals Prezel Pops Recipe

Endangered Animals Pretzel Pops Recipe Making pretzel pops is an easy way to get kids in the kitchen cooking and creating. I’m sharing a fun endangered animals themed recipe today that makes a great addition to an endangered animals unit study. Older kids can make these themselves while younger kids will enjoy assisting you as […]

Volcano brownies recipe. Easy recipe that kids can help with in the kitchen. #volcanosnack #volcanoscience #recipeskidscanmake

Melting Lava Brownie Volcano Treats Recipe

Volcano Brownie Treats Convenience is key when making these volcano treats for kids. These cute little volcanos really look like they have lava flowing from them and they taste delicious. We’re expanding on our Volcano themed Discovery Box for kids which goes out to our monthly subscribers. Not a subscriber? Join here or see our […]

Red, white and blue popcorn treat. Get kids in the kitchen with this patriotic popcorn treat!

Red, White and Blue Popcorn Treat

Red, White and Blue Popcorn Treat Red, white and blue popcorn is the perfect snack to set out while kids run around the backyard at a family barbecue. It’s also easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time so you’re not stressing about the snack table after the afternoon’s Fourth of July festivities! […]

Easy patriotic snack for kids. Kids can make this red, white, and blue treat themselves for a 4th of July barbecue or family picnic.

Easy Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Treat for Kids

Easy Patriotic Treat for Kids Getting kids in the kitchen to help with desert is easy but finding a recipe that is kid friendly to prepare can be a little more challenging. With summer coming up we’ve found the perfect red, white, and blue desert that kids can make too! This easy patriotic snack looks […]

DIY slime recipe for kids. Earth themed slime made without borax.

DIY Slime Recipe Earth Themed Slime

DIY Slime Recipe for Kids Slime is getting really popular these days. Both kids and adults are making slime at home for play and to reduce feelings of stress. Because I know we can all be a little more stress free, and because diy slime is just so fun, I’m sharing a special earth themed […]

Fun family Easter activities roundup. How to natrually dye Easter aggs, make Italian Easter bread, kids Easter crafts and Easter treats for kids.

Fun Easter Activities for the Family

Fun Easter Activities for the Family Do you have a favorite Easter activity? We love just about every Easter craft we come across and today I’m going to share a few of our absolute favorite Easter activities for the family! Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs A great way to celebrate and enjoy nature this spring is […]

Learn geography with a diy playdough earth activity! Build a model of the earth.

Playdough Geography Model of the Earth

  Playdough Play and Geography Learning through play is a great way to introduce earth science concepts. Today we’re playing with homemade playdough and making a diy model earth. We’ll count the continents, name the oceans, and talk about landmarks on each continent. Making playdough at home is a fun early learning activity that introduces […]

Calming lavender playdough recipe to make at home plus ten more scented playdough and paint diy recipes!

Calm Down Lavender Playdough Recipe

  10+ Scented Playdough and Paint DIY Recipes Making scented playdough and paint are fun DIY projects for sensory play, calm down time, and seasonal activities. We recently made scented lavender playdough for evening play to help the kids calm down before bed. The kids play with their homemade playdough while I read them a […]

Apple tasting sensory activity with a free printable! Apple activity for fall.

Apple Tasting Activity for Kids with Printable

Apple Tasting Activity for Kids + Printable   Kids are heading back to school soon which means fall is quickly approaching. We homeschool part time and I love incorporating apple activities into our curriculum. Basically, I love everything fall! I’m sharing an apple themed printable that will get your kids trying healthy foods while doing […]

Italian Easter Bread Recipe. DIY Italian Easter Bread.

Italian Easter Bread

This is an amazing and delicious Easter tradition – Italian Easter bread! I’ve made this Easter bread for years with my kids. It’s a sweet bread, made with milk and sugar and has an Easter Egg in the middle! There’s a lot of Italian recipes for Easter breads, some are savory and some are sweet. This […]


Cherry Heart Tart Recipe

Cherry Pie Hearts for Valentine’s Day Make these amazing cherry heart pies this Valentine’s Day!   Ingredients pie dough (use your favorite recipe or buy some pre-made pie dough) fresh cherries, chopped ricotta cheese sprinkle of sugar 1 TBSP butter, melted Instructions Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line your baking sheet with parchment paper. Roll […]

Chickpea Cookies

Chickpea Cookies with Chocolate Chips, Walnuts, and Pumpkin Peanut Butter

Try making these delicious – and healthy! – cookies. Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) are an excellent source of fiber, protein, and iron. The many health benefits are described in better detail here. This recipe uses a whole can! Not only are these cookies packed with good stuff, but they’re also gluten and egg free! In the spirit […]

Best salt dough ornament recipe

Best Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

Posted by our guest blogger Kristen Beer from With a Grain of Salt. Looking for the Best Salt Dough Ornament Recipe? We compared two different popular recipes and found a winner! It’s amazing what you can do with minimal money, effort, and resources. This week, I compared two different recipes to make hand made gift tags. […]

best playdough recipe

Best Playdough Recipe

Posted by our guest blogger Kristen Beer from With a Grain of Salt. Homemade playdough. The crafty mom’s right of passage. But which is the best playdough recipe? Cooked? No-cook? Microwave? Keyword search “playdough recipe” on Pintrest and be prepared for a tidal wave of pins. If you take the time to start looking through them […]

Coconut Lime Italian Ice

Coconut Lime Italian Ice Recipe

Another great kid-friendly recipe from our guest blogger Kristen Beer from With a Grain of Salt. Tonight I made something kind of like Italian ice. I got some limes from a neighbor’s tree and started looking up recipes! I ended up combining two and the results are delicious! This cool tasty treat is sweet, tart, and […]

Squash muffins

Yummy Pumpkin Muffins for Fall

  Another great kid-friendly recipe from our guest blogger Kristen Beer from With a Grain of Salt. Finding ways to get food to be the right texture for my  3 year old to eat has become a challenge. It’s a balance between trying to help him eat healthfully and trying not to cater to his every […]