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Nature activities for kids. Outdoor fun for kids, nature art, nature crafts, and nature based science activities.

Make a playground for bugs from a cardboard box! #naturecrafts #insectcrafts

Build a Bug Playground from a Box

Build a Bug Playground from a Box Do your kids love hunting for bugs during sunny days? Give the bugs their very own playground made from a cardboard box! We’ve transformed an empty Green Kid Crafts box into a colorful place for bugs to play. Supplies Empty Green Kid Crafts Box (or a shoebox) Construction […]

Build a simple circuit to light up a constellation shadow box! Cool science projects for kids.

Simple Circuit Constellation Shadowbox Project for Kids

Simple Circuit Constellation Shadowbox Project for Kids Today we’re reusing our Green Kid Crafts cardboard box to make a simple circuit constellation shadow box. If you don’t have an empty Green Kid Crafts box you can use a shoe box. Supplies 1 Empty Green Kid Crafts box Black paint Simple circuit supplies (see THIS POST […]

Dissect a flower for a specimen box display. Kids science experiment. #stem #botany #scienceprojects

Dissecting a Flower Project for Kids

Flower Dissecting Project for Kids How exactly does pollination occur? We know that bees play an important part in the cross pollination of flowers, but there is so much more to learn! Today we’re reusing our empty Green Kid Crafts box and learning about the structure of a flower. We often think of dissection as […]

Learn about landfills with this simple science project. Trash and landfill science. #earthday #earthdayscience #earthdayactivity

Earth Day Science: Where Does Our Trash Go?

Earth Day Science: Where Does Our Trash Go? Have you every really thought about what happens to our trash after the garbage truck hauls it to the dump? What exactly is a landfill and how does it get rid of all the trash we make in our community? Many garbage dumps also have a place […]

Upcycle a cardboard box into a birdhouse with this easy craft for kids. Nature crafts and bird crafts for kids. #birdcrafts #naturecrafts

How to Make a Birdhouse from a Box

How to make a Birdhouse from a Box Teach kids to give back to nature with this upcycled cardboard box birdhouse craft.We’re reusing our Green Kid Crafts box today and turning it into a home for birds! Supplies 1 Empty Green Kid Crafts box Painter’s tape A sharp knife or scissors Bird’s nesting supplies such […]

Make a fairy garden from a small box for small world play. #fairygarden #smallworldplay

Reuse a Green Kid Crafts Box: Fairy Garden Small World Play

Small world play is creating a miniature life-scene for younger children to learn through play while using their imagination. Fairy gardens, dinosaur gardens, miniature farms, and sensory bins are all fun ways to start your child with small world play. Today I’m showing you how to make an easy fairy garden from a cardboard box. […]

Make a a nature tray for kids out of an up-cycled box. Go on a scavenger hunt with kids using your Green Kid Crafts box!

Reuse a Green Kid Crafts Box: Nature Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a great idea for getting the most out of your monthly Discovery Box from Green Kid Crafts! We’re up-cycling our cardboard box into a nature tray for a scavenger hunt. When I was a kid I used to do this activity with a shoe box, so if you don’t have a Green Kid Crafts […]

Teach kids to help their environment in the new year with this fun goal planning printable for kids. Kids will pledge to help the earth, set their own goals for the new year, and be given tasks to complete as the year goes on such as planting a seed. #printablesforkids #kidsprintables

Printable New Year Goal Sheet-Eco-Friendly Goals for Kids

What’s Inside a Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box? Between 4-8 STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) kits for kids ages 2-10 12-page STEAM magazine featuring hands-on activities, parent resources, puzzles and more Quality eco-friendly materials made in the U.S.A. and step-by-step instructions Literary upgrade includes an educator approved book to complement each box Discovery […]

Endangered animal educational activity. Make these animal handprints to teach kids about the animals on the endsgered species list.

Endangered Animal Handprint Crafts

Endangered Animal Handprint Craft Learning about the animals on our earth that are endangered or threatened is important for showing kids how our actions can cause environmental changes in animal environments. The endangered species list has over 15,000 animals on it meaning they are in danger of going extinct. The list includes animals like the […]

DIY rainstick craft made from an upcycled wrapping paper roll. #upcycledkidscrafts

Wrapping Paper Roll Rain Stick Noise Maker

Wrapping Paper Roll Rainstick Noise Maker Do you have empty cardboard tubes around the house? Make a diy rainstick craft noisemaker with kids! Rainsticks were used by ancient civilizations to bring thunderstorms. Hollowed out cacti, bamboo  or other tube-like plants were lined with pins and small stones placed inside. When the rainstick was turned over […]

Put together a cold sensory bin for kids! Artic sensory bin play ideas. Snow sensory bin play for kids.

Winter Play for Kids Arctic Sensory Bin

Winter Play for Kids Arctic Sensory Bin Is it snowing at your house? We don’t get much snow here in southern California and usually have to take a day trip to play in fresh snow. Snow or no snow kids love winter crafts and play ideas so we’ve put together an arctic sensory bin that […]

Paint with nature! Gather supplies from your own backyard to make a work of art. #preschoolcrafts #artprojects #kidsart

Nature Painting Kids Art Project

What can you do with all those pinecones and leaves your child collects while playing outside? Use them as natural paintbrushes to create art! I opened my preschooler’s lunch bag the other day to find four small leaves that had dried and turn a deep red brown. I know she spotted them on the ground […]

A new twist on old fun! Make a pumpkin volcano that erupts with bubbles! #fallscience #pumpkinscience

Pumpkin Bubble Volcano Science

Bubble Pumpkin Volcano We’re adding a new twist on a classic fall craft for kids. Make a pumpkin volcano that erupts with bubbles! This is a pretty simple experiment that involves ingredient reaction to produce a lava flow of bubbles. If you’ve ever made a pumpkin volcano you know what supplies you need, but be […]

Experiment with leaf colors with this cool fall experiement for kids. Leaf pigment experiement.

Leaf Color Experiment-Color Science for Kids

Secret Leaf Colors Experiment Have you ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall? Leaves contain pigments that give them their colors. Even though plants are green most of the time, their leaves contain pigments for different colors too! In the fall, some leaves stop making green pigments as they are getting ready to […]

Easy origami animals. Directions for making an rigami frog, panda, whale and penguin.

Easy Origami Endangered Animals

Easy Origami Endangered Animals Several species of animals all over the world are listed as endangered, meaning their population numbers are so low that they are at risk for going extinct. Many species of animals are also listed as vunerable, meaning they’re numbers are declining and may soon be added to the list of endangered […]

Reuse your Green Kid Crafts box to make another volcano experiment. Volcanic fissures are cracks in the earth that lava flow from. #STEM #volcanoscience

Make a Volcanic Fissures Project with an Empty Box

Turn your Green Kid Crafts Box into a Volcano Experiment! We love to upcycle, recycle and reuse any item we can, especially from our Green Kid Crafts kits! Expand on the Volcano Discovery Box you received with your monthly subscription buy trying out this box craft. We’re making our empty Green Kid Crafts box into […]

Teaching kids about the solar eclipse. Here is a simple activity for showing kids what happens during a solar eclipse. Great for at home or in class teaching.

Teaching Kids about the Solar Eclipse

Teaching Kids about the Solar Eclipse What exactly happens during a solar eclipse? During this eclipse the moon will move in front of the sun and block out the light from the sun for a period of time as it passes. An eclipse can also happen when a planet or moon passes in front of […]

DIY toad house clay pot craft. Make a toad house for your garden using a broken clay pot. This is so cute!

DIY Toad House made from a Broken Clay Pot

DIY Toad House made from a Broken Clay Pot One rainy afternoon, my then five year old daughter innocently asked, “Where to toads go when it rains?”  I didn’t really know what to say, but it prompted a visit to the library for some books on frogs, toads, and other amphibians.  The books didn’t really […]

Experiment with weather and water science by making this cool cloud in a jar. Watch it rain from the clouds for a cool water cycle experiment.

Water Science Activity Cloud in a Jar

Water Science Activity Cloud in a Jar We’re having fun with water science this month and today I’m sharing a cool cloud in a jar activity. We’ve been doing a lot of experiments with water and food coloring haven’t we? Today we’re adding shaving cream to our supply list and we’ll see what it looks […]

Recycle crayon pieces into new crayons of all shapes and sizes.

Melt Old Crayons into New Crayons with the Sun

Melting Broken Crayons in the Sun for Coloring Broken crayons happen. You can melt them into something new using the heat from the sun! The sun during a hot summer day has the power to fry an egg on the sidewalk, change solid water into liquid, and even melt pieces of crayons. Using just a […]

Ocean themed sensory bin for kids. Play with shells, water and other textured objects with this fun ocean themed sensory tub.

Create an Ocean Sensory Bin for Kids

Create an Ocean Sensory Bin for Kids Summertime is a great time for water play and this ocean themed sensory bin will keep your little one busy for hours. The bin includes different textures in the form of water, sand, and shells. Adding smooth shells and bumpy shells will enhance the sensory experience ever further. […]

Water cycle experiment for kids. Learn about the water cycle with a salt and water activity that shows kids the result of evaporation.

Learning about the Water Cycle with Salt

Water Cycle Salt Experiment Kids of all ages will enjoy learning about the water cycle with this simple salt and evaporation activity. During the water cycle evaporated water forms in the sky as clouds. The clouds expel the water as rain back down to the earth where it eventually evaporates into water vaper and rises […]