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Make a playground for bugs from a cardboard box! #naturecrafts #insectcrafts

Build a Bug Playground from a Box

Build a Bug Playground from a Box Do your kids love hunting for bugs during sunny days? Give the bugs their very own playground made from a cardboard box! We’ve transformed an empty Green Kid Crafts box into a colorful place for bugs to play. Supplies Empty Green Kid Crafts Box (or a shoebox) Construction […]

Dissect a flower for a specimen box display. Kids science experiment. #stem #botany #scienceprojects

Dissecting a Flower Project for Kids

Flower Dissecting Project for Kids How exactly does pollination occur? We know that bees play an important part in the cross pollination of flowers, but there is so much more to learn! Today we’re reusing our empty Green Kid Crafts box and learning about the structure of a flower. We often think of dissection as […]

Learn about landfills with this simple science project. Trash and landfill science. #earthday #earthdayscience #earthdayactivity

Earth Day Science: Where Does Our Trash Go?

Earth Day Science: Where Does Our Trash Go? Have you every really thought about what happens to our trash after the garbage truck hauls it to the dump? What exactly is a landfill and how does it get rid of all the trash we make in our community? Many garbage dumps also have a place […]

Upcycle a cardboard box into a birdhouse with this easy craft for kids. Nature crafts and bird crafts for kids. #birdcrafts #naturecrafts

How to Make a Birdhouse from a Box

How to make a Birdhouse from a Box Teach kids to give back to nature with this upcycled cardboard box birdhouse craft.We’re reusing our Green Kid Crafts box today and turning it into a home for birds! Supplies 1 Empty Green Kid Crafts box Painter’s tape A sharp knife or scissors Bird’s nesting supplies such […]