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DIY rainstick craft made from an upcycled wrapping paper roll. #upcycledkidscrafts

Wrapping Paper Roll Rain Stick Noise Maker

Wrapping Paper Roll Rainstick Noise Maker Do you have empty cardboard tubes around the house? Make a diy rainstick craft noisemaker with kids! Rainsticks were used by ancient civilizations to bring thunderstorms. Hollowed out cacti, bamboo  or other tube-like plants were lined with pins and small stones placed inside. When the rainstick was turned over […]

Put together a cold sensory bin for kids! Artic sensory bin play ideas. Snow sensory bin play for kids.

Winter Play for Kids Arctic Sensory Bin

Winter Play for Kids Arctic Sensory Bin Is it snowing at your house? We don’t get much snow here in southern California and usually have to take a day trip to play in fresh snow. Snow or no snow kids love winter crafts and play ideas so we’ve put together an arctic sensory bin that […]

Create a rainbow of colors with water in this traveling water rainbow experiment. Water goes from the jar and up to meet the next color in the jar like rainbow magic!

Traveling Water Rainbow Experiment

Traveling Water Rainbow Experiment Kids love rainbow activities and today I’m sharing a fun rainbow science experiment. This activity can be used as an extension of our kitchen science or magic science discovery boxes available on our website. Rainbows always make me think of spring but this activity can be done year round. I’m adding […]

Experiment with weather and water science by making this cool cloud in a jar. Watch it rain from the clouds for a cool water cycle experiment.

Water Science Activity Cloud in a Jar

Water Science Activity Cloud in a Jar We’re having fun with water science this month and today I’m sharing a cool cloud in a jar activity. We’ve been doing a lot of experiments with water and food coloring haven’t we? Today we’re adding shaving cream to our supply list and we’ll see what it looks […]

Recycle crayon pieces into new crayons of all shapes and sizes.

Melt Old Crayons into New Crayons with the Sun

Melting Broken Crayons in the Sun for Coloring Broken crayons happen. You can melt them into something new using the heat from the sun! The sun during a hot summer day has the power to fry an egg on the sidewalk, change solid water into liquid, and even melt pieces of crayons. Using just a […]

Water cycle experiment for kids. Learn about the water cycle with a salt and water activity that shows kids the result of evaporation.

Learning about the Water Cycle with Salt

Water Cycle Salt Experiment Kids of all ages will enjoy learning about the water cycle with this simple salt and evaporation activity. During the water cycle evaporated water forms in the sky as clouds. The clouds expel the water as rain back down to the earth where it eventually evaporates into water vaper and rises […]

DIY windchime from upcycled materials. Make a windchime for your garden or yard out of these recycled plactic tubes.

DIY Windchime from Upcycled Vitamin Bottles

DIY Upcycled Windchime from Vitamin Bottles This DIY Windchime post is a guest post by Maria, from Living Ideas. Maria lives in a remote area at Riau – Indonesia and has been blogging since 2007. I like to hear the voice of wind chimes on any occasion. The sound is so calming and helps me to […]

Free weather printables for kids. Check the weather each day and set your weather spinner to todays weather, match terms and pictures with weather vocabulary, and draw weather with weather with these weather activities for kids.

Weather Tracking Activity with Weather Printables

  Weather Tracking Activity with Weather Printables Spring is our favorite time to track weather because each day can be different from the weather the day before. In some areas winter weather is still hanging on through the first couple weeks of spring, while in other areas rain or sunshine are in the forecast. These […]