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Reuse a Green Kid Crafts Box: Fairy Garden Small World Play

Make a fairy garden from a small box for small world play. #fairygarden #smallworldplay

Make a fairy garden from a small box for small world play. #fairygarden #smallworldplay

Small world play is creating a miniature life-scene for younger children to learn through play while using their imagination. Fairy gardens, dinosaur gardens, miniature farms, and sensory bins are all fun ways to start your child with small world play. Today I’m showing you how to make an easy fairy garden from a cardboard box. We’re reusing our Green Kid Crafts box, but any small plastic tub or even a cardboard shoe box will work for this activity.


fairy garden

  • 1 Empty Green Kid Crafts Box
  • 1 Plastic Grocery Bag
  • Soil or Gravel
  • Fairy Garden Elements-We used a miniature fairy and tiny stepping stones found at our local craft store.
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Flat Glass Garden Marbles


fairy garden

Start by cutting the bottom off the plastic bag to line the box.

Place the liner in the box and fill it with soil or gravel.

Cut the stems of the artificial flowers to the depth of the box.

fairy garden

fairy garden

Now for the fun part! Your child can “plant” the flowers, play with the fairy in the garden, and add more decorative elements while playing. We added the flat marbles for decoration, but you can also add glitter, multi-colored flowers, and all sorts of miniature items to decorate your fairy garden!

fairy garden

coffee filter pumpkin craft

diy fairy garden


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