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Glow in the Dark Comet

Make a bright comet craft at home for your next outer space activity.

Glow in the dark comet

Most kids love anything that has to do with outer space. These awesome comets are great for recycling plastic bags, are easy to make and when night comes, you can let them fly and watch them glow!

Supplies: tennis ball, plastic shopping bag, glow in the dark string, ribbon, scissors and tape.

Glow in the dark comet

Step 1: put the tennis ball in the bag and tape around it.

Glow in the dark comet

Step 2: cut slits in bag.

Glow in the dark comet

Step 3: wrap the ribbon and the glow in the dark string around the section with the tennis ball inside, letting some of ribbon and yarn steam along the tail section.

Glow in the dark comet

Glow in the dark comet

Wrap the string and ribbon around the neck several times, tape, then continue to wrap the string around the head of the comet making sure its secure. You can attach a piece of clear tape around the head of the comet to make sure the lacing won’t slip.

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