Reuse a Green Kid Crafts Box: Nature Scavenger Hunt

Make a a nature tray for kids out of an up-cycled box. Go on a scavenger hunt with kids using your Green Kid Crafts box!

Here’s a great idea for getting the most out of your monthly Discovery Box from Green Kid Crafts! We’re up-cycling our cardboard box into a nature tray for a scavenger hunt. When I was a kid I used to do this activity with a shoe box, so if you don’t have a Green Kid Crafts box handy, any small box will work.

Using the directions below, separate your box into compartments and paint the bottom of each compartment with a color found in nature. This can be changed up with the seasons too! Then head outside and find objects that match the colors in the tray.


  • 1 Green Kid Crafts Box
  • Nature Colored Paint or Markers (We used brown, gray, yellow, and green.)
  • Scissors
  • Tape


Cut the lid off of your empty Green Kid Crafts box.

nature tray

Cut cardboard spacers from the lid in the following sizes:

2 Spacers at 6 3/4″ x 2″

1 Spacer at 4″ x 2″

Use tape to secure the spacers in the box as shown.


nature tray

Paint or color each compartment a different color found in nature.


nature tray

nature tray

Head outside in your own backyard or to a local park and find objects that match the colors in the box! How many objects can you find?

nature tray scavenger hunt

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