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Physics for Kids Pebble Racing Game

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Physics experiment for for kids. Race pebbles down varying inclines in this fun game!

Physics Game for Kids

Physics is the study of matter and energy, and how they interact together. Today we’re turning our empty Green Kid Crafts box into a fun physics game where kids will race pebbles and other objects down ramps of varying inclines. Which objects roll through the ramp quickly and which go slowly? Let’s get started!


  • Empty Green Kids Craft Box (or a shoe box)
  • Heavy Paper
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Cut the lid off your empty box.

Cut a piece of paper to line the bottom of the box and glue in place. (optional)

physics game

Plan your inclines. Some inclines should be steep while others are not. The box can be set up with one track of inclines or two.

Draw your planned inclines on the box as a guide.

physics game

Using scissors, add holes on each end of where you plan to add your ramps. Push half of a popsicle stick through each hole to hold your ramps. Cut a hole at the top of the ramp to drop in your objects.

physics game

physics game

Cut strips of paper and glue them to the popsicle stick supports.

Now for the fun part! Find small circular objects to drop down your ramps. If you made two separate sets of ramps inside the box you can race with your friends by dropping them in at the same time and seeing which objects travels down the ramps faster! If you made one ramp track, use a timer to track which objects travel fast and which travel slow.

As you watch the objects traveling down the ramps observe how the object’s size, shape, weight, and the ramp’s incline impact the speed of the object as it travels towards the bottom of the box.

You will learn that steeper ramps combined with heavy objects speed towards the bottom faster than light objects on less steep inclines. What else did you observe in this experiment? Give us a follow and tag on Instagram #greenkidcrafts to show us your ramps and tell us your results!

physics game

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