Ada Twist, Scientist



Ada Marie Twist is a born scientist. She possesses a keen yet peculiar need to question everything she encounters, whether it be a tick-tocking clock, a pointy-stemmed rose, or the hairs in her dad’s nose. Ada’s parents and her teacher, Miss Greer, have their hands full as the child’s science experiments wreak day-to-day havoc. Beaty shows Ada using the scientific method in developing hypotheses in all her pursuits. The little girl demonstrates trial and error in her endeavors, while appreciating her family’s full support. In one experiment, she douses fragrances on her cat and then attempts to place the feline in the washing machine. Her parents, startled by her actions, send her to the Thinking Chair, where she starts to reflect on the art of questioning by writing her thoughts on the wall—now the Great Thinking Hall. Ada shines on each page as a young scientist. By Andrea Beaty.

Number of Pages: 32
Age: 5+
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 978-1419721373
Format: Hardcover

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