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Do you know someone that digs dinos? Then this mammoth Discovery Box is sure to delight with five award-winning Creativity and STEM Science Kits! With this fun gift,  your pint-sized paleontologists will experience the excitement of a dinosaur dig and reconstruction project, create their own dinosaur habitat, learn how fossils are made by creating their own imprints, and hatch baby dinosaurs from DIY paper mache dinosaur eggs.

12 reviews for Dinosaurs Box

  1. Amy

    Keep up the good work! We love your company and all your wonderful learning boxes.

  2. Esther

    We especially loved the punch out dinosaur activity. It was different and fun.

  3. Michigan Mom

    The theme was awesome for my little boy! My daughter is a bit freaked out by dinosaurs, but she likes doing the activities and is fine with giving over the dinosaurs to him when done.

  4. Mindy G.

    My kids loved creating and cracking open the baby Dino eggs.

  5. Aleesha

    Making the papier-mâché dinosaur eggs were so unique! Awesome idea

  6. Jessica

    Allows young children to imagine they are a scientists. I got this for a nephew and still today he is very interested in dinosaurs. Gifts like these will launch a child’s interest in science and such a thing is priceless. Also loved how the box was turned into a craft project.

  7. Amberly

    Our children had a wonderful time pretending to be real archaeologists!

  8. Tiffany14

    I bought this as a gift for my best friend’s son who just turned six. He says he wants to be a scientist when he grows up, and he loves learning and discovering new things about the world around him. I thought this would be a perfect birthday present for him. She said it kept her very energetic, busy son occupied, which is a feat in itself. She did need to help him a little, but he did most of the box on his own.

  9. Rachel

    My 4 year old son enjoyed this toy so much I had to write a review. As a parent I loved the hand-eye coordination aspect of it as well as the sense of discovery.

  10. Joshua S.

    Really nice kit, my twins loved it (we got them their own boxes) and we had a lot of fun together.

  11. Ruby

    This was a present for the grandkids. They worked at this for hours (age 4 and 6 ) and never lost interest. One word of caution: It is messy. This is probably a better outside toy where you can hose everyone and everything down.

  12. Amanda McNeff

    I was pleasantly surprised by this kit. My boys, 5 and 7, love it and have enjoyed playing with it. There are so many projects – it gets the young paleontologist going. We loved the paper mache dinosaur eggs but it is just very messy so while they say put newspaper down on a table, this is best used outside.

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