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What is electricity? What’s a circuit? Ohm’s Law? Find these answers & more! Build an electric propeller car, learn how motors work, connect circuits, and engineer your own fiber optic lights. This award-winning kit with its touch of whimsy should be your child’s FIRST electricity kit! Step-by-step, highly visual instructions lead a child successfully through each activity. Comes with a 12-page magazine full of comics, games, puzzles, and more learning opportunities. This hands-on box celebrates thinking, questioning and original creation with fun and creative projects that will have everyone tinkering and playing long afterwards. For ages 7+

3 reviews for Intro to Electricity Box

  1. Great Learning Tool!

    This is exactly what I wanted for my 9-year-old son! It has enough directions that we were able to get started easily, yet it is open-ended enough that there are so many possibilities! With a little help, he was able to build the fiber optic lights and the electric car right away. So many toys say that they are “STEM,” but they are really just fancy toys. This box delivers on its promise to be STEM. This set is great and I highly recommend it.

  2. Very well thought out

    I purchased this for my STEM- minded 12 year old. This is a very well thought out kit with lots of tinkering possibilities. I have recommended it to other friends with kids to like to problem solve and construct inventions.

  3. Open the box and begin playing immediately

    My son just turned 6 and he loved this – real wiring and building to truly make something. It was too advanced for his age but I loved working on it with him. His favorite thing was the electric car. Pieces are high quality. My favorite thing is the way it is all packaged – they thought of everything: clear instructions and photos, parts clearly organized etc. Open the box and begin playing immediately.

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