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Let kids’ imaginations run wild with these fun and educational science projects! We have created a Kitchen Science Discovery Box that will inspire your pint-sized scientist with three creative STEM science experiments. Our Kitchen Science activities for kids demonstrate how the addition of a few special ingredients can make everyday household materials extra-exciting. The Discovery Box includes supplies and instructions for three amazing projects: Homemade Soap! Fizzy Bath Bombs! and a Volcano!  Through these projects, kiddos will (safely) learn about chemical reactions by watching baking soda react to citric acid (Fizzy Bath Bombs) and vinegar (Volcano). They’ll also have a blast at bath time too!

24 reviews for Kitchen Science Box

  1. Deb

    Thanks for including the little erasers to hide in the soap. That was a neat idea.

  2. Andrea

    Funnest box yet – great theme

  3. Karen

  4. Nicole

    I always receive friendly, respectful, and quick customer service from the Green Kid Crafts team. As a customer I want to feel like my business is appreciated and wanted.

  5. Larissa

    We have a 10 yr old boy and 12 yr old girl, and they LOVE Green Kid Crafts. Each month they excitedly await the arrival of their box. The crafts are interesting, educational and inspiring. Even the box is usually a craft. Surprisingly, the kids appreciate the  green aspect even more than we parents do.

  6. Amanda

    My 10-year old son wasn’t interested in this box at all.

  7. Jennifer

    The soap kit was our favorite project. Afterwoods we made crayons with the mold.

  8. Jeanette

    I thought I could do this kind of thing for them ourselves, but its just not that easy. Best $20 I ve spent this month, no doubt.

  9. Amanda

    The fizzy bath bombs were such a hit. Thankful I didn’t have to fight my kids to take a bath yesterday!

  10. Timothy

    This box was so creative. My daughter really liked the colorful lava lamp and put it on her bedside table so she could look at it while going to sleep.

  11. Seema

    Great high quality craft materials at a killer price. My kids have been enjoying these boxes for months. We really appreciate the company philosophy as well as the personal attention we get.

  12. Renee

    We recently began this awesome service and throughly enjoyed this science box  It LITERALLY provides hours of fun (and education!)

  13. Audrey Leigh


  14. Peter

    You guys are awesome! At the end of the day I gravitate to a product that is aesthetically pleasing, excites my children and doesn t make me feel like I am completely wasting my hard earned money.

  15. Sarah

    My son loves getting his craft box every month. It saves me time thinking of fun things for him to do. He has so much fun building and then playing with the crafts. He always asks when the next box is coming.

  16. Angela

    My daughter has been washing her hands constantly. Score!

  17. Carla

    My son loves getting his craft box every month. It saves me time thinking of fun things for him to do. He has so much fun building and then playing with the crafts. He always asks when the next box is coming.

  18. Leah

    GKC has crafts that engage all my children and keeps them wanting to do more!! We are never disappointed with their products. Great quality and very fun!

  19. Danielle

    The color-mixing project was great. My kids were so into it we had to get more baking soda.

  20. Hannah

    I love doing your boxes with my kids!

  21. Kristen Beer

    This kit is very fun. A quality product made by a great company which stands behind its products.

  22. Takeo

    Our bath bomb bombed. I think I added too much water? Loved the soap kit.

  23. Jodi

    My kids (7 and almost 5) were so excited by this box! Any box that contains chemical reactions are a HUGE hit!

  24. Theresa

    This is only our second box. I have two kids ages 6 (girl) and 5 (boy). They were excited to see it had come in the mail while we were on vacation, and asked if we could do the projects that night! When we finally did the projects they loved the volcano’s with the coloring. I was glad I had more baking soda, and food coloring!

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