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Almost everyone has heard of a chemistry set, but what about a physics set? Physics is an essential science for everyone, and this kit provides a comprehensive introduction into the world of physics. Your young physicist will learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion and engineer their own Newton’s Cradle, explore measuring mass with a balance scale kit, and test magnetic forces with a floating pen kit. Also included is a bonus floating ball game that illustrates Bernoulli’s Principle in a fun way! Comes with a 12-page magazine full of games, puzzles, and more learning opportunities. This hands-on box celebrates thinking, questioning and original creation with fun and creative projects that will have everyone tinkering and playing long afterwards. For ages 7+

2 reviews for Physics Lab Box

  1. Science and learning

    My boys are ages 7 and 9 and I think that this is very age appropriate. My boys are getting where they don’t like kid toys but want to construct, experiment, and build things. At age 7, a child is ready to be able to read directions and follow them well enough so they can do more complex toys like these. My 7 year still needed guidance and direction. My 9 year fared better but still needed additional help from Dad. This is a great family project, it is interesting enough to keep adults entertained. There is so much science to this and actual learning, way more than just block building type toys.

  2. Great kit

    My 10 year old daughter was thrilled to get this for her birthday. The next day after she got it she started building with it. The instructions were easy to follow and there were a variety of things to make. The Newton’s Cradle actually worked although she needed a bit of help making it. She was pretty impressed by the floating magnetic pen and had fun with the physics ball game. The balance scale had her running all over the house measuring the mass of different objects. This is a great kit.

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