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Take your kids on a journey to study the wild and adventurous Rainforest with our jam-packed box Rainforest Science Discovery Box, which includes tons of different Creativity and STEM Science Kits, all designed by experts to build confidence, flex creativity, and make kids smarter. Kids will create their own bouncing rubber ball, learn about the science of sound by creating their own rainstick, jungle drums, and string-a-ling, conduct a rainforest pollution experiment, build a rainforest terrarium and make cookies using ingredients found in the rainforest.

10 reviews for Rainforest Science Box

  1. Jules

    My daughter loved making the bouncy ball even though it never really bounced on our hardwood floors. We did discover that (strangely), it bounced pretty well on the carpet!

  2. Kris

    We loved the theme. I always enjoy how the boxes encourage, not only creative & artistic expression, but explore scientific concepts as well. I appreciate the scientific explanations that are included with all the activities.

  3. Lora

    The experiments were easy and fun. We really enjoyed everything

  4. Teresa M

    My kids loved making the balls.

  5. Kathy

    All the crafts were easy and fun to make, all the crafts had a learning element, and all supplies were provided. We had lots of things to talk about: favorite rainforest animal, condensation, chemical changes, different sounds, what it would be like to live in the rainforest….it went on and on. There was lots of crafts too, more than 3. And each craft focused on something different, science, ecology, and music but all had a the theme of the rainforest.

  6. Kristy

    My child enjoyed working on the terrarium. The science boxes are the best!

  7. Rowan

    My 5 year old daughter gave this month four stars. The terrarium was her favorite, followed by the rain stick. The bouncy ball didn’t work too well; but we followed the advice to try it on carpet and it bounced well there!. The sound crafts were a great idea, too!

  8. Jacqueline

    This box was great for my son. We got the bouncy ball to work and he had fun building his terrarium. I was impressed with all the creative musical sound experiments. Of course my son’s favorite activity was making the rainforest cookies lol

  9. Katie

    The kids had fun with it. Everything they needed for included. OK for the price.

  10. Aussie mum

    This was a great buy, very affordable, and my kids had a good time whilst learning about our important rainforests.

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