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Welcome to the exciting world of rocketry! Discover the excitement of science, technology, engineering, art and math with our hands-on Rocket Science Discovery Box. This kit explores the science behind rocket propulsion. Use real lab tools and materials to perform amazing experiments and experience what it is like to think like a scientist or an engineer. Six different experiments include: air pressure experiments and observing the weight of air, launching rubber rockets, having rocket races, making a scale of the solar system, and more! This award-winning kit with its touch of whimsy should be your child’s FIRST rocket science kit! Step-by-step, highly visual instructions lead a child successfully through each activity. Comes with a 12-page S.T.E.A.M. magazine full of comics, games, puzzles, and more learning opportunities. This hands-on box celebrates thinking, questioning and original creation with fun and creative projects that will have everyone tinkering and playing long afterwards. For ages 5+

2 reviews for Rocket Science Box

  1. Science AND art = fun!

    My son and I had a great time doing these crafts and experiments. I liked the mixture of science with the solar system model that my son could spend some time painting.

  2. Excellent product

    This is the second purchase I’ve made from this company. The first one was the Slime Lab kit. Both are excellent. I purchased this for my 8 year old after observing him thoroughly enjoy the Slime kit. I highly recommend both items. I look forward to purchasing more of their kits.

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