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Our Volcanoes Discovery Box contains FOUR award-winning Creativity and STEAM Science Kits! Your pint-sized volcanologists will have a blast (literally!) with these fun learning kits including: Break Your Own Geode Kit, Volcano Splatter Art Kit, Exploding DIY Volcano, Crystal Making Kit and more! This Discovery Box celebrates thinking, questioning and original creation with fun and creative projects that will have everyone tinkering and playing long afterwards.

14 reviews for Volcanoes Box

  1. suesuefly

    You seem to be among the best in this sort of subscription, given price and age/developmental considerations we highly recommend your product to everyone we know

  2. Johnna

    The volcano box was our favorite one yet. Thank you for such a fun, educational product. I have passed on your company name to other homeschooling moms.

  3. Brian T

    We always have fun mixing, creating and digging into Green Kid Crafts boxes. You are shaping a love of science and artistry in these kiddos!!

  4. Michelle

    We love the boxes,I especially love the open endedness of the directions. Truly a wonderful box. We switched from kiwi crate and couldn’t be happier

  5. angiemay

    I really enjoyed that this box was all-encompassing, no need to collect things from around the house.

  6. momoftheyear

    I think it is a good product and executed very nicely and effectively.

  7. QM

    I get just as excited as my kiddo when a box arrives in the mail. My daughter and I enjoy working on the projects together. I really appreciated the bonus dig it out gemstone kit included in this box

  8. Marie

    The volcanos box seemed to have more projects in it than other boxes. We literally spent hours on this one, building a volcano, digging for gems, making crystals and creating volcano art. And there was so much to learn and build from. Afterwords we went to the library and brought home tons on volcano books. thanks for the learning!

  9. grandkids loved it!

    My 6 & 2 year old grandkids loved it!

  10. Quality time

    Best part was quality time making and creating together 🙂

  11. Our favorite

    My son has always loved volcanoes, and this is the one of many kits we’ve tried. It is by far our favorite because it takes a typical volcano kit to the next level by adding the geode kit and the crystal making experiment.

  12. I loved this kit.

    I loved this kit. The instructions made everything easy to make. And so much was included for a pretty small price.

  13. Great!

    The neighborhood kids and my own became obsessed with learning about volcanoes so we ordered a book and this volcano discovery box. Everyone worked together on making the volcano, cracking the geodes and making the volcano art – lots of fun. Ages of participants 1.5 year old – 8 year old. Each kid got their hand on one way or another.

  14. Steve

    Great Christmas gift

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