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Recycled Cork and Bottle Cap DIY Christmas Ornaments

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DIY Christmas Ornament made from corks and bottle caps. Make ornaments out of things you already have around the house!

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Bottle Cap and Cork Ornaments

Here at Green Kid Crafts, we love to find new ways of giving every day items new life in ways which inspire our children to create and encourages them to be mindful of the environment. This simple Christmas ornament craft can be made with things you already have at home. Been enjoying some Holiday Spirits? Don’t throw those bottle caps and corks away just yet! For this craft, I scavenged some wired ribbon from my box of old hand-me-down decorations and, with a little bit of hot glue and imagination, created a one of a kind personalized ornament that will look beautiful on your tree or as a tag on a gift. These DIY Christmas Ornaments will be heirloom treasures for years to come.

DIY Christmas Ornament Crafts


  • Cork or beer bottle cap
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ornament hook
  • Paper
  • Pen

christmas ornament

Instructions for making a DIY Christmas Ornament

Cut an 8-10 inch length of ribbon. Any kind will do, fabric or otherwise.  Fold it in half and secure in two spots with hot glue leaving a loop at the top. If you’ve been enjoying a lovely grog or bottled cider, use the cap to trace a circle on paper which will fit on the inner surface. If you’ve got a spare cork, use a kitchen knife to cut it into slices. Personalize your cork or cap, hot glue them to the ribbon, and attach your ornament hook. What a great way to create something special for friends, family, or teachers with upcycled items from around the house.

christmas ornament


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