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Wind Powered Sail Car

With this green energy project, kids will design and build their own wind-powered vehicle. It’s a fun project that will have kids competing against each other and working to improve their designs. This DIY Wind Car is a really easy science lesson and fine motor fun all in one!

Wind Powered Sail car


Cardboard box (we used a family-sized cereal box), scissors, tape, marker, wooden skewers

Wind powered car
Step 1:  Cut the bottom out of the cereal box and insert 2 skewers through the body of the car where the four wheels will attach. This body can be just about any shape or size, but should be at least 3 inches by 6 inches.
sail car 3
Step 2:  Trace four cardboard circles out for the wheels and cut them out.
wind powered car craft
Step 3:  Attach the wheels to the skewers on the outside of the box. Punch the skewers through the center of the cardboard wheel.
sail car 5
Step 4:  Trace and cut out a cardboard triangle shape. This will become the sail.
sail car 6
Step 5:  Take another skewer and punch a hole with it in the middle of the car base. Using tape, attach it to your car. This skewer will act as your mast. Then tape the sail to the skewer.
sail car 7

Step 6:  Your wind car is now ready for the power of your breath! Tape a deep breath and blow on the sail of your car. How far can you make it move? You can also take it outside on a windy day and test the wind’s power!

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